Creepy & Abandoned Photography

Creepy, abandoned and spooky places fascinate us, they draw us in with their mystery. How many of these places do we encounter every day without even noticing? How many centry-old cemeteries hide right next to the local supermarket parking lot? How many abandoned factories sit in the center of bustling industrial parks? Every so often I'll stumble upon one of these gems and document it not just for the curiosity but also for posterity; to preserve the memory of people who left us long ago, to honor the things that were once glorious but are now hollow, rotting shells.

Photography by Seth Black

West Texas Lightning

Abandoned in Sanderson, TX

Oakwood Cemetery - Austin, TX

Davidson-Littlepage Cemetery - Austin, TX

Merrilltown Cemetery - Austin, TX

Mt. Calvary Cemetery - Austin, TX

Pecan Grove Cemetery - McKinney, Texas

McMillin Mausoleum - San Juan Island, WA

Yacht Club - Port Isabel, TX

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